Ceremonies By Nanette McIntyre


Wine and Love Letters Ceremony

Willa Kveta Photography

Willa Kveta Photography

For the couple who share an appreciation for wine, The Wine and Love Letter Ceremony is a beautiful ritual to add to your ceremony. It’s purpose is to symbolize the coming together of two individuals who are dedicated to creating a conscious and loving marriage.

Together, you select a bottle of wine ~ the wine may be from a vineyard you both have visited, remind you of a special moment you have shared or it may bring back memories of a trip you have taken together. It may also be a bottle you have never tasted and want to share for the first time, with each other.

In addition, you will write “love letters” to one another ~ in your letters you may express the gratitude and love you feel and the hopes and dreams you look forward to sharing in the coming year. These letters are sealed in envelopes and written a few weeks before your wedding day.

You may select a decorative box or some type of container to hold your bottle of wine and letters. After your wedding ceremony, find a special place to keep it until the following year. Every year, as you celebrate your anniversary, you will open the wine and read the letters you wrote to each other before your wedding day. Every year you will place another bottle of wine and two new letters in the box for the next year. 

What a beautiful tradition to begin!

*This ceremony may also be altered to include any bottle which ages well ~ champagne, beer, whisky, etc. The importance is that it is selected and enjoyed by both of you.

Nanette Mcintyre