Ceremonies By Nanette McIntyre

Pre-Marital Coaching

pre-marital coaching
Ceremonies by Nanette” is such a true joy when it comes to not only your ceremony, but premarital counseling as well. My fiancé and I went back and forth about doing premarital counseling and finally took everyone’s advice and decided to go for it. We are SO happy that we did! Nanette provided such a warm and welcoming environment to discuss our relationship and soon-to-be marriage that we didn’t even feel like it was counseling, but just deeper, more meaningful conversations. Even though my fiancé and I had already lived together and thought we knew everything about each other, you prepare for marriage by learning things about one another through conversations you may not have on a normal basis and Nanette helps guide you there. She has now become a person we can reach out to at any time as a support system.
Thank you, Nanette!
— H & J


“Ceremonies by Nanette” also offers premarital coaching.

My current practice as a Board Certified Coach both in California and throughout the U.S., coupled with my 20-year background as a psychotherapist in private practice gives me a wealth of experience on which to draw. It also provides an excellent platform for premarital coaching, including many specific keys for navigating a successful relationship.

As with marriage counseling and couples counseling, fostering a relationship built on love and trust is the primary goal of premarital coaching. Good communication is essential to a successful relationship, and is something we would strive for in couples counseling.

The process I’ve developed supports couples in gaining insight, as well as navigating healthy communication in a way that is based on honor and respect.

It is easily facilitated from wherever you are based through a combination of email, phone and/or Skype sessions.  

I look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your premarital coaching sessions.