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Wedding Vow Guidelines

By Cherry Photography

By Cherry Photography

  • Start writing early ~ don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself a month or 2 and do it in a relaxed frame of mind.
  • It can be helpful to research traditional vows, borrowing freely from poetry, love stories and even romantic movies.
  • Use humor if it suits your personality. Some couples promise to do for the other that which you wouldn’t necessarily enjoy for yourself ~ like cooking, shopping, going to sporting events, playing games, etc ~
  • Most importantly, speak from your heart and let your personalities shine.
  • Keep your vows between 1-3 minutes, if you can.
  • Your vows need to get at the heart of what marrying your beloved means to you.
  • Do not plan to memorize your vows. Reading is just great and will keep you from being too nervous.
    Often vows sound something like ~

“When we first met ……..”,
“As I’ve come to know and love you, I’ve discovered ……… “,
“When I’m with you I feel ……”,
“I love you because …..”,
“I look forward to ……..”,
“I promise …….”.

Nanette Mcintyre